About Us

I was a mom solving a problem.  My sunshield was created more than 20 years ago for my children.  Stroller rides became a very unpleasant experience at times, so like other moms I ended up pinning a receiving blanket to the canopy to block the sun.
Life took some unexpected turns and my sun shield was set aside.  Now I am a grandmother experiencing the same problems with my grandchildren.  So I redesigned my sunshield and here we are today.
 Most remedies today are fine when the child is sleeping, but obstructs their view when awake. My sun shield is like putting on a pair of sunglasses.  It’s small and portable, making it easy to take with whether it’s your daily walk, a day at the zoo, or fun at a theme park.
Best of all it’s made in the USA and I would like to donate .50 for each sun shield sold on this site to help Veterans.